Green Risotto with Spinach and Peas


Wish to eat something simple but very healthy and delicious? This risotto is the answer. To prepare it start out with simple, basic risotto, followed up with preparation of spinach and peas which you add in the end by your wish and taste. I ate… Continue Reading

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Red – White Pasta


Fettuccine with chicken in a tomato and creamy almond sauce One of the first dishes my boyfriend made for me was this Red – White Pasta. Almonds in the pasta, woow, it was surprising for me. But with the first taste… Continue Reading

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Dominican style pasta


As my first post on the blog I decided to write a recipe I Learned on my first over ocean trip, to Dominican republic. Amazing, beautiful country with the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. They probably wouldn’t say that… Continue Reading

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