Carrot soup


EAT IN SEASON – EAT CARROT SOUP In these cold days soup seems like a great dinner idea. It is very simple to prepare it and the outcome is magnificent. Just few ingredients can make such a great dish, isn’t that amazing?! You can… Continue Reading

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Gnocchi with plums


WISH TO TRY SOMETHING NEW AND SPECIAL? MAKE THIS VERY SPECIAL GNOCCHI WITH PLUMS I love end of summer and beginning of autumn. It is such a rich season with amazing variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I was waiting long time for… Continue Reading

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Have you ever heard of potato Crêpes? (Lefse)


I know… it sounds wired, potato – Crêpes?! But you should give it a try. Lefse is a traditional Norwegian potato crepe. Although we live nearby in the Nordic region we haven’t heard much about Lefse. But we are growing and eating… Continue Reading

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Minty Pea Soup


Sounds wired, Minty Pea Soup?! But it tastes wonderful. When mint and peas are well balanced they perfectly match together. None of them overtakes the taste but plays well together with the other ingredient. It is a healthy recipe, excluding Crème fraîche used for… Continue Reading

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Italy, Pasta, Pizza…


TRIP TO ITALY, REVIEW Next day we continued towards our first desired destination, great Rome. Already during the bus ride we could see that we entered a beautiful historic city. During our stay we enjoyed experiencing Rome by foot, losing our… Continue Reading

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Quesadillas with Chicken, Pineapple Salsa and Guacamole


Follow my blog with Bloglovin We love Mexican dishes, so finally this chicken filled quesadillas found place on our plates. They are very simple to prepare, so they are perfect for busy day dinners or as a party snack. We found people… Continue Reading

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Cream Puffs


Memory from the childhood… Cream Puffs, or in Croatian Princez Krafne. My mom used to make them for us and we loved them. Puffs which are crunchy on the outside and soft on the insides are filled with lovely cream, plus whipped… Continue Reading

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Rhubarb Strawberry Pockets


My definitely most important part in cooking is using fresh and seasonal fruits. One of the first signs of spring up here in the north is show of rhubarb on the markets. I haven’t been cooking many times with rhubarb, in fact once, last… Continue Reading

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Buttermilk and Biscuits


Koldskål med Kammerjunkere Spring started its amazing show in Denmark too. Everything is beautifully blooming, and color spectrum is huge. It has been sunny for more than 5 days here. That’s amazing and it doesn’t happen so often in Denmark. Strawberry season… Continue Reading

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Simple Enchiladas


After a great vacation in Italy and tasting all kinds of pastas and pizzas it is good to be back to prepare your own meal. Of course it has to be a little bit different then what we got for last… Continue Reading

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