Naan Bread


Remember that gorgeous Batter Chicken from one of the previous posts? Well then you also remember that I promise to write a recipe for that beautiful Naan bread. It is super easy to make it and the taste of homemade Naan bread… Continue Reading

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Sweet Rolls with Jam


Coffee break, breakfast, dinner… you can eat them in all occasions. In my home country we called these sweet rolls Buhtle. They are very tender, fluffy, with the fresh aroma of lemon zest. You can fill your rolls with any jam you like, or Nutella ;).… Continue Reading

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Pita bread


Remember those Pita pockets with chili sauce? I promised the recipe for Pita, so it is coming. In case you have not heard about Pita before… Pita is round pocket bread. You can stuff it with your favorite meat, salad, sauces,… Continue Reading

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Baking course at Falslevgård Mølle


Old sorts of grains, healthy and fresh flour, cozy atmosphere … is a short description of the baking course at Falslevgård Mølle. This post is dedicated to baking course I took last Saturday. After the course I am really looking with different eyes at… Continue Reading

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