Gnocchi with plums


WISH TO TRY SOMETHING NEW AND SPECIAL? MAKE THIS VERY SPECIAL GNOCCHI WITH PLUMS I love end of summer and beginning of autumn. It is such a rich season with amazing variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I was waiting long time for… Continue Reading

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Sweet Rolls with Jam


Coffee break, breakfast, dinner… you can eat them in all occasions. In my home country we called these sweet rolls Buhtle. They are very tender, fluffy, with the fresh aroma of lemon zest. You can fill your rolls with any jam you like, or Nutella ;).… Continue Reading

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Gerbeaud Cake


Here in Denmark we like to bring a cake to work for all kinds of occasions (bought a car, made a baby,  changed to winter tires, etc.). One was coming up for me – my birthday. Therefore I was thinking for some time, which… Continue Reading

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