About us

by Marta Hilmar

Bon Apetit, Velbekomme, Dobar tek!

My name is Marta and together with my great boyfriend, “Viking” Dennis I would love to show you our food adventures. We love to cook and eat, both modern and traditional meals. There is a charm in traditions, but new and innovative recipes is what drives us. Seasonal fruits are the BEST and my biggest joy is shopping for fresh ingredients at food markets.

Little of the history…
My roots goes all the way to a little country, Croatia. I grew up eating daily prepared fresh and healthy meals by my diligent mom. When I was a kid, to thanks my mom, I tried to grow radishes in the garden (which she really loved). But guess what?! Love brought me all the way to the cold north, Denmark, where now I live and work. Indeed it’s not that cold in our home, as cooking and baking is always on. Candles and cozy atmosphere with friends and family bring more warmth then any sun. I enjoy discovering Denmark, its nature and traditions. I haven’t been cooking much before I met my boyfriend. He was/is very good at cooking and he was my inspiration to start it myself. Now we often discuss who will be the “main cook” today.

I love baking even more. Nothing was better than the tasty smell of Christmas which was always welcomed with open arms. That was the time of the year when my sister and I sat next to my grandma, admiring how all that baking magic happens (while getting our fingers in the chocolate pot once in a while). Still every Christmas my grandma is opening the covers of her old and used book, just to make her grand-kids smile.

Here on our blog, you’ll encounter our experiments in the kitchen, while cooking or baking. Maybe some posts from our trips could also get lost here. Join us in our adventures on social networks, comment and share, we we will be glad.

Other random facts…
– We live in Aalborg. Dennis is originally from Skive (Denmark) and I am from Senj (Croatia).
– Nordic cousin vs Mediterranean cuisine.
– Travelling is living! (that’s how we met, in Riga). We love discovering new places and local dishes.
– Local food is always the choice.
– Dennis loves good olive oil and we both enjoy special beers (from micro breweries).
– I love to capture “that” moment with my camera.

Thanks for stopping by,

Marta & Dennis



We put a lot of effort in our recipes, posts, and all our photos are original (unless otherwise stated), so we would appreciate if you would link back to the site if you use the content from it.